Identification and Security are now important components to elementary, middle school, high school, and university life. Applications such as Photo Identification, Logical and Physical Access, HR databases, Time and Attendance, Cafeteria and Payment, etc. all make up the increasing number of card-based applications that exist within a campus environment. In addition to providing the products and services that support these systems, as a systems integrator, Multicard can help you manage and consolidate into one smart card-based platform. Our team of account managers, service techs and systems engineers can give you a comprehensive solution for whatever your need.

Multicard specializes in:
  • OneCard Solutions
  • Electronic Security Solutions
  • Access Control Systems with 1st Responders cards
  • Banking Relationships Integration
  • Financial Aid Reimbursement
  • Web-Based Systems (Identification/Credentialing/Visitor Management)
  • Transit Integration
  • Multiple Platforms
  • Logical Access
  • Grant Tracking
  • Meal Plans & Dining Services
  • Event Ticketing/ Tracking
  • Give Something Back Network
  • Off-Campus Tracking
  • Mobile Badging Stations
  • Laundry/Vending

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