To succeed in today's competitive healthcare environment, you need to drive patient loyalty, reduce operating costs and implement a strong plan for HIPAA/JCAHO compliance.

We can help you achieve all of these objectives. Multicard Healthcare Solutions make patient- provider interactions more satisfying for consumers - and more efficient, secure and profitable for you. Our modular solutions leverage technologies such as digital imaging, magnetic stripes, bar codes, the Internet - even smart cards with biometrics and two-factor authentication - to let you more efficiently manage your patient and staff identification, provider authentication, membership and forms management functions at a lower cost. They also help safeguard critical information stored in your networks and databases, and open a clear migration path to technologies you will need to comply with HIPAA/JCAHO.

Multicard specializes in:
  • Positive Patient Identification
  • Electronic Security
  • Medical Tracking
  • Bar-coded Wristband/ Label Issuance
  • Wireless Mobile Solutions
  • Bedside Registration
  • Loyalty Programs

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