Multicard offers a variety of standalone and integrated solutions for a wide range of markets including government, education, gaming, healthcare and corporate entities, as well as ID management and consulting services.

Government & Community

Multicards accountability products such as the fireTRAX solution are the first proven accountability systems to meet the NIMS requirements. These systems automatically track first responders, volunteers and victims at an emergency scene of any scalable size. It provides both on-scene incident management and off-scene monitoring at an EOC or trauma center. Each accountability solution can also be integrated into an asset management system where equipment and assets can be checked out to specific personnel or tracked on a per usage basis.


Financial Card Issuance

With instant issuance solutions, cardholders can walk into your branch, open a new account or replace a lost or stolen debit or credit card, and walk out with a personalized, secure payment card in a matter of minutes. You give your cardholder immediate purchasing power, and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. Please visit our Multicard Financial Systems Group website for more information on these specific solutions.



Identification and Security are important components to university life. Applications such as Photo Identification, Logical and Physical Access, HR databases, Time and Attendance, Cafeteria and Payment, etc. all make up the increasing number of card-based applications that exist within a campus environment. In addition to providing the products and services that support these systems, as a systems integrator, Multicard can help you manage and consolidate into one smartcard-based platform. Our team of account managers, service techs and systems engineers can give you a comprehensive solution for whatever your need.



Multicard is proudly growing in the gaming and entertainment industry, offering a wide variety of solutions to fit most casinos needs. From solutions to quickly and simply enroll slot players to printing cash-out tickets and wristbands for events, Multicards SmartReg software creates an easy, seamless process to streamline the enrollment process with a single card swipe or scan. The information is then automatically deposited into enrollment or registration forms, populating pure machine-readable data into your system to standardize all of your data entry.

Multicard also offers state-of-the-art Access Control solutions and CCTV/DVR to handle all of your electronic security needs as well.



To succeed in todays competitive healthcare environment, you need to drive patient loyalty, reduce operating costs and implement a strong plan for HIPAA / JCAHO compliance.

We can help you achieve all of these objectives. Multicard Healthcare Solutions make patient- provider interactions more satisfying for consumers - and more efficient, secure and profitable for you. Our modular solutions leverage technologies such as digital imaging, magnetic stripes, bar codes, the Internet - even smart cards with biometrics and two-factor authentication - to let you more efficiently manage your patient and staff identification, provider authentication, membership and forms management functions at a lower cost. They also help safeguard critical information stored in your networks and databases, and open a clear migration path to technologies you will need to comply with HIPAA / JCAHO. Please visit our Multicard Healthcare website for more information.



Multicard is a powerful resource in assisting the corporate community. Utilizing Multicard’s wide array of electronic security and card identification products (often using one multi-function card) can vastly improve the security of your business.

Multicards Photo ID, access control, smart cards and web-based products will give any enterprise the ability to identify employees, contractors, visitors and even assets while also controlling access to its facilities. We provide support to many corporate markets including: banks, credit unions, health clubs, YMCAs, restaurants, manufacturing facilities, loyalty programs, business offices and more.


ID Management

Multicard understands the need for identification security. In todays world, personal identification comes in a variety of forms which arent necessarily consistent or secure. Disparate systems create a multitude of ID numbers with varying corresponding name formats, which in turn create a headache for the IT professional and a security concern for the ID holder. Multicard specializes in the management and consolidation of identification data allowing for consistency and security. We will work with your existing card technology infrastructure or help you migrate to a smarter, more secure card technology platform.



Multicards team of professionals hold years of experience in the identification industry. From financial applications to smartcard technology, Multicard can help you prioritize your needs, create a plan of action, and we will continue to support you throughout your project implementation. Our understanding of PCI compliance, ISO 14443 & 15693, PIV, and other card technology standards allows us to bring invaluable knowledge to your ID project.